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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 17:13
Thirty two civil society organizations have submitted a petition on Monday to the transitional National Legislative Assembly and a copy to the council of states, following the cancellation of all plate numbers and driving licenses produced by states to one country code “SSD.
Last week some citizens complain that even though their previous driving permit was still valid, their documents were confiscated.
After the ministerial order last year, the Deputy Inspector General of Police directed the head of Traffic Police, to launch a unified motor vehicles number plate and driving license.
But the civil society organizations say they are aggrieved because of the limited public information, very expensive penalties and charges for the permits and cancellation of valid driving licenses.
Jame David Kolok is the Executive Director of Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance; He says the petitioners argue that the ministerial order to unify the license is unconstitutional because it is the role of the states to issue licenses and number plates.
David says the order was issued in an abrupt manner that, the public was taken by surprise.
He calls on the transitional parliament to do its mandate of representing the public to intervene on any matter that affects people.
Rajab Mohandis is the Executive Director of South Sudan Network for Democracy and Elections. He observes harassment of people on the way by traffic police, confiscation of driving licenses and drivers and motorists are forced to pay money without receipts.
Recently, Daniel Justine, Police Spokesperson called on everybody who is charged by any policeman without getting a receipt to report to the concerned authorities.
Opio Moses Korsuk, Executive Director of Empowering Communities for Better Nation warns that the civil society organizations will proceed to court if the legislation failed to respond to their petition.
Last week, motorist Jaffary Razig says he obtained a new driving license of the Central Equatoria last month which cots him four thousand South Sudanese Pounds. But the traffic police have taken it away and demanded him to change to the new SSD license.
He calls on the police authorities to give enough time and allow the people to use the valid license until its expiry date.
Efforts by CRN to contact Youane Bonju, head of information in the National legislative assembly for comment, were unsuccessful.

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