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Monday, October 9, 2017 - 18:19
Some South Sudanese nationals have criticized the state at which Juba International airport is in.
They say they feel embarrassed of the conditions because the airport is a door to South Sudan where many people from different countries come in.
Juba International Airport is a joint civilian and military airfield with the SPLA, UNMISS, UNHAS and commercial airlines sharing the crowded airport facilities. New terminal buildings have been under construction for more than a year; but there are no clear indications on when it will be completed.
Last year, Juba airport was ranked the second worst in the world in a survey conducted by The Guide to Sleeping in Airports, in terms of comfort or rest zones & gate seating, facilities, immigration, customer service and cleanliness among others.
Some citizens have raised concerns about the congestion, the screening machines, poor hygiene and how they are being served at the airport. 
Citizens complain that the airport is not organized and a lot of money is being collected from passengers for buying ticket.
They say the first impression foreigners get when they land the country is the airport, urging the government to construct it to meet the international standard.
A foreigner claims that she was treated unfriendly. She expresses that she was scared to see military men at the airport.
Kur Kuol Ajieu, Director of Juba International Airport urges people to endure with the current situation as the government struggles hard to improve it. 
He admits that the airport was built as a domestic airport in old Sudan but not international standard.
Kur says the government is currently making some amendments for time being because the airport will be relocated to a new place if the situation in the country improves. But he did not mention where exactly it will be relocated.
He convinces that South Sudan is already having a plan and a design of a new airport that will surprise people.
Kur says the capacity of the current terminals under construction is for departure and arrival which can accommodate a lot of people both international and locals. But he says he cannot determine when the construction will finish.
Kur calls on the government to support the construction.
He says his office is giving some orientation to their staff on how to provide good services to people and maintain the area.

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