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Monday, October 9, 2017 - 10:00
Authorities in Imotong state say parents and school administration should not misuse girls' cash transfer which is meant to enable school girls to constantly move and continue with their studies.
Hassan Urbano, Imotong State Minister of Education calls on parents to be honest in dealing with the affairs of their school girls. Emmanuel Radio reports.
He urges local authorities to protect the rights of school going girls through accountability.
Father Anthony Ubeo Gilo the Education Coordinator for the Catholic Diocese of Torit, encourages female learners not to be deceived by their parents to take the cash transfer fee from them.
Fr. Ubeo directs girls to manage their cash transfer for school requirements instead of giving to their parents.
Adelio Ojina Quinto, Director General of the Ministry of Education appreciates the national Government for the initiative taken to support school girls.
Ojina is hopeful that the launch of cash transfer will enable school girls continue with studies.
Ojina advises learners to prioritize the cash for school requirements rather than non scholastics needs. 
The officials made the remarks during the launching of Cash transfer Fund at Torit East Primary School.

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