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Voice of Hope
Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 10:03
Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, CEPO in Wau in partnership with Oxfam have conducted four days workshop for advocacy & lobby to civil society and parliamentarians.
Lokudo Busimok Simon, Strategic Plan and Advocacy Lobby Officer say they went to Wau to train civil society and parliamentarians on advocacy strategic plan as part of their project, Voice of Hope reports.
The purpose of the workshop is to equip the civil society and law makers on how to advocate and lobby.
Busimok urges people of Wau State to be united because without unity no good services can be delivered.
Voila Alexander, Deputy Speaker of Wau State appreciates CEPO for building their capacity.
She says, previously they were not aware about advocacy and he believes that with the training, they can now advocate and lobby for the people in the state based on their needs.
Ms Alexander stresses that the participants will do much better to benefit the people in terms of service delivery.
The workshop brought together civil societies and the MPs.

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