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Radio Emmanuel
Friday, October 6, 2017 - 16:38
Some returnees from Uganda say they have decided to leave the country and returned to South Sudan due to food shortage.
Regina Dudu who spent twenty month in Moyo camp of Northern Uganda says she returned home because the food distribution in the camp is not enough to feed her family, Emmanuel Radio reports.
But she did not mention when she came back to South Sudan.
Dudu and other returnees complain of disease outbreak in the camps due to congestion.
Fr Anthony Ubeo Gilo, Priest in the Catholic Diocese of Torit is advising people to work for peace to minimize the current suffering in the country.
He says he visited the refugee camps in Northern Uganda, decrying of the pathetic life South Sudanese undergo.
Fr Ubeo reports that the refugees arriving Uganda were forced to pay some money for their names to be registered, describing it as “corruption”.
He says the registration process has been stopped due to congestions in the camp.
He notes that the food given to the refugees is as small as 25 percent which may not be enough to feed families.
He blames the authorities in the camps for taking South Sudan war as an advantage.
Our sources tell Emmanuel Radio that some refugees have moved from Moyo District to another part of Uganda because of the difficult life, but majority of them returned to South Sudan.

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