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Radio Voice of Hope
Friday, October 6, 2017 - 16:26
The Internally Displaced Persons or IDPs in Agok area have raised concerns about the registration fees the government health facility is demanding from them.
The IDPs say when they visit the health facility, they are always asked to pay 10 SSP for registration fees, Radio Voice of Hope  reports.
They accuse the government for not considering their humanitarian situation.
The IDPs outline lack of toilets, safe drinking water and poor environment, making their lives difficult in the camp.
The IDPs say they are waiting for food distribution from ICRC after giving them relief cards on Wednesday.
Peter Monylet Deng, Agok Chief confirms that the IDPs were paying 10 SSP at the health facility but they stopped what he terms as “corruption”.
He says they cautioned the workers not to take fees from IDPs or citizens or they will face the law.
This week, one of the IDPs died in the camp of suspected hunger.

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