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Radio Anisa
Friday, October 6, 2017 - 10:12
World Vision officials in Gbudue State are calling on the government to enforce law on child justice and youth in South Sudan.
Christine Ngbazande, Manager says they are making policies on gender issues at lower and regional levels to reduce injustice against children, Radio Anisa reports.
She says some people are trained to engage on awareness call “Citizens’ Voices for Action”.
Evaline Bakosoro, one of the participants appreciates World Vision for training people on sexual gender base violence.
She urges the participants to implement what they have learnt starting from their family, neighbors and at all levels to change their community.
Rev Yepeta Mathew Seki is the Program Manager for Interfaith Council for Peace Initiatives. He says the training is nothing if people learn and do not implement it.
He says the training is for the betterment of children in future.
The speakers made the remarks during the closure of five-days training at Tourist Hotel in –Yambio on Tuesday.

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