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Friday, September 22, 2017 - 17:26
The Emeritus Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Torit, Paride Taban says the international Peace Day should mark the end of war in South Sudan.
During the occasion marking the day, Bishop Taban calls on the leaders to put the guns into stores and tanks into tractors for farming.
Mussie Hailu, United Religious Initiatives for Africa, awarded Taban also with peace award for his tireless efforts for peace in South Sudan
As Hailu announced the winner, he says Taban was awarded for his tireless work and efforts for the peace in South Sudan. Hailu says they have been following up the activities of Bishop Taban that is why he deserved to be recognized.
Hailu calls on leaders in South Sudan to find a peaceful means to resolve the ongoing conflict.
Bishop Taban says he is pleased and honoured to receive the peace award and hopes that it will impact on the leaders of the country to end conflict.
Speaking after the official announcement of the award, Taban calls for the immediate end to war and violence in South Sudan. 
The celebration under the theme, Together for Peace, Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”, was organized by the Ecumenical Network on South Sudan, the Africa Hub and United Religious initiative Africa, in partnership with South Sudan Council of Churches.
The occasion brought together religious leaders, including Catholic Archbishop of Juba diocese, UN representative among others and hundreds of faithful.
Paride Taban says enough is enough to war. He hopes that the International Peace Day will mark the end of war in the country. He suggests that all the fighting machines should be put in store and people should be engaged in farming to fight hunger in the country.
Rev Joseph Bilal of the South Sudan Episcopal Church calls on citizens to change their bad actions; bad thoughts, mind and be good to one another.
He says South Sudan needs a heart of a mother with full of love, forgiveness and compassion for peace to prevail.
Faithful who join the day prayed that South Sudan should get peace soon. Some say they need war to end because young people are been killed for nothing. While other women say women are being killed and raped.
South Sudan violence erupted in December 2013 with serious abuses against civilians committed by both the government forces and opposition fighters, despite a peace agreement signed in August 2015.


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