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Voice of Hope
Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 16:19
Authorities of Wau state have directed security organs in Wau to work closely with citizens to get information about the movement of the criminals in the town.
Anthony Charles Ngberende, State Security Advisor noted that the insecurity in the town is caused by what he termed as “Criminals network” in the residential areas Voice of hope radio reports.
He reports that most of criminal activities are focusing on looting telephones and bed sheets from women among others.
Ngberende accused some IDPs living at POC of sneaking out of the camp and stealing residential areas during the day. 
He further mentioned that some of the criminal are dressed in military uniform and carry out their activities to threaten civilians.
Ngberende confirmed that some criminals were arrested in military uniform recently but after the investigation the security identify some belong to the organized forces and others are not soldiers.

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