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Radio Anisa
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 16:32
The Governor of Gbudue State assures entire citizens of calm after the incident that happened killing of Deputy South Sudan National Liberation Movement Commander Major General James Kabila Bingo on Sunday in Yambio.
Daniel Badagbu Rimbasa describes the killing of deputy Commander as an isolated issue, Radio Anisa reports.
The commander was killed when governor’s forces confronted his bodyguards in the town after guns roared.
Governor Badagbu accuses the former commander of terrorizing peace and slaughtering people in cold blood.
He warns group that went to the main road and started shooting at people randomly resulting to killing and injuring of innocent civilians in Yambio.
Badagbu promises that those who went against the law in Gbudue State will be punished.
He reveals that the government has already arrested some of bandits who came out in Yambio and opened fire on civilians in the town.
Badagbu alleges that the former SSLNM commander was the one who slaughtered one of World Vision medical personnel in Yambio a week ago.
The governor passes his condolences to grieved families that lost their loved ones.
Citizens were shocked in Yambio town on Sunday and many deserted their homes, but the government is calling upon them to return home.

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