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Radio Don Bosco
Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 11:47
The Commissioner of Tonj County has orders all the executive chiefs to register all the guns from the cattle keepers including Bongo community.
Sefferino Philip Bazia says the State of Emergency which was announced by president Kiir last month should be respected Don Bosco radio reports.
State Governor Akech Tong Aleu announced last month that guns must be registered.
Commissioner Philip mentioned that the state of emergency was announced due to the continuing of communal fighting among civilians
Philip reveals that he started the registration with his two guns known as AK 47 as an example to the rest.
He states that there is no compromise, if someone refuses to register a gun and the number of bullets to the commissioner, the law will take its cost.
The leader made the comments during an inclusive interview with radio Don Bosco in Tonj.

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