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Radio Emmanuel
Friday, August 11, 2017 - 16:32
Health officials at Torit civil hospital said reports of malnutrition among children in the area have reduced.
Rehima Roman Doka, the head of the malnutrition department says the turn up was high early this year but later reduces instantly due to the training and health education given to mothers on how to prepare mix nutritious food to feed their children. Radio Emmanuel reports
Ms Roman says mothers lack knowledge on how to prepare nutritious food from the local product available that leads to malnutrition among children.
Ms Roman tells mothers to stop taking children to witch doctors but instead go to nearby health facility for early treatment of their children before the sickness worsen.
Susan Gilberto a mother whose child suffers from malnutrition says, she walked on foot from Loudo village to Torit hospital after her child fail to respond to the treatment given in the village.
Ms Gilberto acknowledges taking children to hospital for treatment saves lives.
Ms Gilberto  urges the government to take the same quality services to the grass root level which she says most children lost life due to lack of proper medication.

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