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Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 10:32
The Head of the UN Mission in South Sudan or UNMISS insists that the camps remain civilian in nature.
David Shearer in Bentiu on Wednesday said the only way to keep women and children safe in camps is to make sure they do not become militarized.
He calls for the need to find a longer-term solution so that the people can return home and live productive lives.
Only those people in imminent danger and whose lives are at risk should be sheltering in these sites, Shearer says.
UN Police Officers are working with community groups in the camps to ensure that military groups are unable to find refuge there, he says.
UNMISS is stepping up peacekeeping patrols outside many of its POC sites to build confidence for local people to return home, the Chief discloses adds.
That needs to go hand in hand with the efforts of humanitarian agencies to provide targeted assistance to surrounding communities to support that return, he adds.

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