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Radio Emmanuel
Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 10:20
Hundreds of residents in Torit town march to Freedom Square to witness the World Blood Donation Day under the theme: “Give blood, give now, give often”.
Shabano Otieno told Radio Emmanuel that he is ready to give his blood any time in order to save people who lack blood in their bodies.
Sonia Asili Martin, one of the donators, expresses fear before donating blood, but later gained courage after knowing it saves lives.
Alfred Ukongo expresses unwillingness to donate blood because of the food crisis and hunger situation in the country
He says those donating blood are supposed to be given some food aid to regain it.
Paska Hifita Oduho, Imotong State Minister of Health, says blood donation helps to save lives of those in need in hospitals.
She encourages the public to donate blood without expecting something in return.
The speakers spoke during the commemoration of World Blood Donation Day in Torit on Wednesday.


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