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Radio Anisa
Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 10:17
Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio trains the Interfaith-Based Council for Peace in Yambio.
Assistant Diocesan Manager for Justice and Peace, Alison Gizam, told Radio Anisa that it is the second time to work on conflict analysis and management.
He says it’s on tools of conflict analysis and how they can identify clashes and shows the relationship between parties.
The inter-faith Based Council also learnt conflict resolution to help them come with peaceful resolution that can bring transformation in the state.
He reveals that they choose to strengthen the capacity of the Inter-Faith Council because they are key actors of mediation in the state.
Pastor Charles Hipaingba, one of the participants, says the knowledge they acquired helped them how to analyze conflict, attitude and behavior of conflicting parties.
He adds the workshop has helped them understand more on how to resolve problems at home and in communities.

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