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Radio Easter
Friday, June 16, 2017 - 16:53
South Sudanese in Uganda call on social media users to stop spreading hate speech in search for peace, reconciliation, unity and development.
They criticize that continued circulation of hate speech resulting from sharing baseless rumours about incidences in South Sudan create hatred and disunity, Radio Easter reports.
Students and different stakeholders from civil society and community based organizations participated in the dialogue.
The discussion was entitled: Rhino Talks with the goal of “creating awareness and shared activism against inflammatory speech and direct incitement to violence”.
Bugema University student, Riak Michael, says South Sudanese should not be quick to spread unclear information.
He adds that he learnt skills to identify, analyze and counter information that carries hate speech.
Johnson Poru, a student of Makerere University, Business School, adds that he will “responsibly share” with students and online users’ positive messages that promote peace.
Another student of Bugema University, Andrew Lasu, promises to use the knowledge learnt to positively promote peace on social media.
He says his immediate action is to share with fellow online users on the dangers of hate speech including inciting violence.
The participants thank Community Development Centre for the dialogue.
Centre for Democracy and Development Executive Director Eric. J. Moses, says more needs to be done to carry out massive awareness.
Sebit Martin Kipara, Community Development Centre Executive Director, says the major focus of the training focuses on fighting spread of hate speech among South Sudanese refugees and those in Diaspora.
He adds that it is a collective role to stop the “much existence of hate speech in South Sudan”.
The calls were made in a dialogue on Thursday organized by Community Development Centre against hate speech both offline and on social media platforms.

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