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Radio Voice of Hope
Friday, June 16, 2017 - 16:45
Wau Municipality authorities arrested fifty-seven girls involved in prostitution process in Wau town.
Mel Aleu Guc, Wau Mayor, says prostitution has become a bad thing in the town because girls started practicing unaccepted behaviors, Radio Voice of Hope reports.
Some girls arrested at mid night told the authorities they leave camps and go to residential areas and hotels for parties, he explains.
The Municipality will have a campaign to clear out those moving at night and conducting parties to reduce the practice, says the Mayor.
He says the Municipality will pass a local order to regulate parties and violators will be punished.
Aleu says they punished the girls and released them, but after the order disobeyers will have severe punishments.
He appeals to parents to take responsibilities of their children before government’s intervention.
Mayor Aleu spoke to Radio Voice of Hope on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Municipality.

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