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Radio Anisa
Friday, May 19, 2017 - 16:11
Nurses and midwives of Yambio State Hospital complained of low salaries and that it, affects their medical services to communities.
Radio Anisa quoted them saying with the frustration of low salaries; the medical personnel do not perform well.
Margret Apollo, Head of Surgical Ward, outlines some challenges affecting nurses including inadequate number of staff, few hospital beds, no soaps for washing and no renovation in wards.
Weki Wayo, Director-General of Health urges the entire staff to stick to their work while the ministry looks for some possibilities to support them in terms of salaries.
He advises the staff to take good care of their equipments to draw the attention of health partners.
The Director-General adds that the state ministry is trying to get the missing services for the smooth running of the hospital.
Hussein Enoka Ibrahim, Gbudue State Minister of Health, appreciates the staff for sacrificing to save lives of people.
He urges the staff to have respect for one other so that they can carry out their duties well.
Enoka adds that they have set a committee for the recruitment of staff.
He urges the staff to be committed to their responsibilities in all departments.
A person in grade 17 working at Yambio State Hospital is getting 240 Pounds as monthly salary.

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