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Radio Anisa
Friday, April 21, 2017 - 10:37
Yambio County Health Director is warning people against misusing mosquito nets given to mothers in Health Centres or Units.
James Ezekiel Ndukpo says malaria remains the most killer disease for children less than five is because of improper use of the treated mosquito nets, Radio Anisa reports.
He regrets to see that the mosquito nets distributed to pregnant mothers some were giving out to their husbands to use as ropes and for catching termites.
Ezekiel reveals that the mosquito nets were provided as one of the measures to prevent against malaria in Yambio County and South Sudan.
Yambio County Health Department has competent clinical officers and nurses who work tirelessly and every day they treat almost 100 and above patients with different cases, he adds.
The Director urges the communities to always sleep under mosquito net and keep their environment clean to avoid getting malaria.
He reveals that preparation for immunization against hepatitis B, is on the way to be carryout in Yambio County.
Inadequate drugs, delay in staff salaries payment and lack of transport for Yambio County Health Centre is another challenge, he adds
Currently, malaria is the leading disease in Yambio County mostly affecting children aged five years and below.

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