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Radio Easter
Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 15:39
Patients in Yei River State complain of inadequate supply of drugs to treat sick people especially women and pregnant mothers in the main hospital.
Yenda Leya Elisha, a patient, says since she was admitted on Monday, sick people are suffering because there are no medicines, Radio Easter reports.
In Yei Civil Hospital, doctors recommend patients to buy drugs from clinics.
Leya asks health partners and the government to bring in more drugs to avoid buying of expensive medicines from clinics.
Salina Sunday says she buys drugs from clinics at very expensive rate of 400 SSP per drug.
Sunday urges the state and national governments to look at health situation in Yei.
State Minister of Health, Kogo Manish Levi, says the hospital has drugs for common diseases, except complicated ones.
The members were speaking to Radio Easter on Thursday.

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