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The Lord said to Cain "where is your brother Abel? He said I do not know am I my brother’s keeper? And the Lord said what have you done? Listen, your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground (Genesis 4: 9-10)
In line with our previous statements and following the imperative of Coordinated Ecumenical Response to the South Sudan Crisis" meeting in Nairobi from 1st to 3rd April 2014; we the Church Leaders of South Sudan under the umbrella of South Sudan Council of Churches, meeting in Juba on 9th April 2014 address this statement to:
Government of Republic of South Sudan, Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition Group of Seven ex-Detainees ,African Union, European Union, IGAD Mediators, Troika Envoys, And all People of good will
We are deeply concerned by the continuous violence, suffering, death, destruction and displacement of our people. We are disheartened by the tendency of our leaders to use war and violence as a means of settling political differences, ascending to power or retaining power. We are saddened by the delay and the lack of progress in the peace talks in Addis Ababa and we are horrified by the ongoing armed mobilization by the conflicting parties in and outside the country and by the prospects of a looming and escalating war rather than peace.
We appreciate the noble work of mediation being undertaken by IGAD. It is now four months since the fighting began within the Sudan People's Liberation Movement Party. We are concerned that The Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (COH) is not been respected by all the Parties. Face to Face negotiations between the Parties to the conflict have not begun and the rainy season has started.
Government of Republic of South Sudan, Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition Group of Seven ex-Detainees.
Stop the war now so that a conducive atmosphere is created for meaningful and inclusive peace negotiations
Stop the war now so that we don't lose any more lives, Prisons of War can return to their families,
Stop the war now so that we can bury our dead brothers and sister
Stop the war now so that we can provide humanitarian assistance to our brothers and sisters who are displaced
Stop the war now so that our people who are displaced in UNMISS camps around the Country and those who have taken refuge in neighbouring countries can go back to their own homes
Our Vision for a new South Sudan
"Let us Re-found our nation on a new covenant"
We must no longer be children, tossed to and fro and blown about by every wind of doctrine, by people's trickery, by their craftiness in a deceitful scheming. But speaking truth in love, we must grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.
(Ephesians 4:14-15)
We believe that after the events of December is". 2013, South Sudan shall never be the same again and hence this vision that we have for this beloved land, we invite our leaders and people to share.
We believe that this ongoing crisis could provide a golden opportunity for us to address all that was not put right during the Interim Period (2005- 2011) and after independence, (2011- 2014)
We are all brothers and sisters, created in the image of God with dignity.
We want to see South Sudan where the rule of law and the constitution are respected by all and where the sovereignty of the people is paramount and their will is respected.
We want to see South Sudan where leaders listen to people and serve the people rather than wait to be served.
We want to see South Sudan where leaders equitably share the national resources with the people and not simply accumulate these resources for themselves and their relatives.
We envision a country where justice, liberty and prosperity for all shall truly reign.
Together, we want to see South Sudan where people will live long and where children will not die young and senselessly.
We want to see a country where people will build their houses and live in peace in them.
We want to see South Sudan where children can go to school and where illiteracy is greatly reduced or eliminated.
We want to see South Sudan where corruption is neither tolerated nor domesticated.
We want to see South Sudan where all people are highly honoured and are free from ethnic and tribal hatred.
We want to see national army and other security forces that protect all the people of South Sudan and the constitution.
We want to see South Sudan where all people peacefully coexist and live in unity and harmony, a country where orphans and widows are looked after, and where strangers are welcome without discrimination, irrespective of gender, age, status or faith.
IGAD Mediators:
We suggest the Peace Negotiation process should follow three tracks:
Track I:
The lesson from history is that the longer we wait to resolve issues, the more complicated they will become, Suffering of people will continue. The Mediation process began in January 2014; we do not see serious face to face peace talks between the parties.
We call upon People of South Sudan, IGAD,the African Union, the United Nations and the International Community to put pressure on Government of South Sudan, Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition and Ex- 7 Detainees to stop the war now and save South Sudan from sliding into anarchy and genocide.
Provide Humanitarian Aid to all the affected Areas.
Track II:
We want see an Inclusive dialogue from all stakeholders to seek honest views from all sectors of society in order that the South Sudanese people own the process and the expected peace agreement.
We have tried centralized system of Government, Decentralized system all have failed we suggest Consideration of a federal system of governance to address the ethnic and regional imbalances in the national constitution.
Track III:
In spite of pain in our hearts over the ongoing crisis in our country, we remain steadfast in hope, faith and vision for the Unity of our Country and People.
We commit ourselves to a serious genuine truth, reconciliation and healing processes in the Country. 
1. His Grace Archbishop Paolino Lukudu Loro, Catholic Church
2. His Grace Archbishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bull, Episcopal Church of South Sudan/Sudan
3. Bishop Arkangelo Wani Lemi, Africa Inland Church of South Sudan/S
4. Bishop Dr. Isaiah Dau Majok, Sudan Pentecostal Church of South Sudan/Sudan
5. Rev. Peter Gai Lual, Moderator Presbyterian Church of Sudan and South Sudan 
6. Rev.Tut Kony, Moderator Presbyterian Evangelical Church of South Sudan
7. Bishop Michael Taban Toro, SSCC Chair
8. Rev. Mark Akech Cien, Acting General Secretary of SSC
Juba, 9th April 2014

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