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Anisa is the Zande word for WE ARE ONE

Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio, Yambio,

c/o P.O.Box 27114 Kampala Uganda


Frequency: 92.0 MHz

Foundation: July 5th, 2011


Director/Manager: Fr. Bazia Boro Elario Zambakari

                            +211929030425, +211955397722



On Air line: +211956000424, +211926000424

Twitter: @anisafmradio

Facebook: ANISA FM RADIO 92.0 Mhz


Coverage: about 100 miles

Potential audience: 600,000 people

Mast height: 60 mt

Transmitter power: 3KW


Major Programs: Prayer and peace building

Languages: Zande, English, Simple Arabic, Balanda


Catholic Radio Network

SCBC General Secretariat
PO Box 258
Hai Jerusalem
Juba - South Sudan

+211 0924217188
+211 0910564038
+211 0954005487